Our team is designed under the direction of the general manager whose mission is the satisfaction of all customers and each person who enters the restaurant sits with the highest level of attention and tasting our dishes and drinks.

Ramon Luna- General Manager

I am a professional of the hospitality and the service with about of 9 years of international experience of the hand of the most famous hotel chains and working with the highest standards of quality and hospital service, in the city of New York with more than 3 years of experience as manager and General Manager of Restaurant, efficiently managing the labor cost, the cost of food and cost of drink. Incrementing the satisfaction of the clients and teaching the staff of the service that having love for the others you get a great service and loyal customers which guarantees stable work and productive enterprise.



My slogan is “Love For Others”

Abel- CHEF


Our chef has more than 105 years of experience in Latin cuisine and has developed different dishes and is always at the forefront of culinary art to give us the best of the best.


Our Staff are ready to provide the best service and very good quality of meals and drinks that you can only enjoy in restaurant Raices

565 WEST 207TH ST,NEW YORK ,10034

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